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Newsletter November 2009

This year’s annual meeting as held on June 13, 2009. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Lanay B. Creech I at 11:45 A.M. An opening Prayer was offered by Clyde W. Creech Jr. Rosmarie De Boer was appointed Secretary for the Meeting. Attendance was taken; Alan Coates, Deborah Gravett and Pete Kingston were absent. Present at the meeting were Lanay B Creech, T. Wayne Harris, Deb Borjas, Rosmarie De Boer, Ivan Kingston, Randy Coates, Charlotte Simmons, David Creech, Forest Hynek, Clyde Creech Jr., Tammy Bird and Ken Sereduk. A quorum was declared.

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1944 – 2009 Richard N. Koch

Richard N. Koch, 65, of Seattle, Washington passed away July 13, 2009 of a heart attack. He was preceded in death by his brother, Alan Creech. He is survived by his siblings, Lanay B Creech I, Forest Dawn Hynek, Danny Danner, David Creech, Jimmy Creech, David Lowe, and Chris Allen. Please join us in extending […]

Delaware Judgement Fund Update!

We sent out a letter to each person on this list using the address that we have on file. If you did not get a letter or got the letter but there was a discrepancy in your information, please contact the DOI office and give us your updated information. If you are not on the list and should be, call the office as well.

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Newsletter July 2002

2002 Annual Pow-wow July 19th, 20th and 21st This year the Powwow was at the home of Ruth Wilson in Sand Hollow, Idaho. All had a good time. There were many activities planned; a pig roast, pot luck, pancake feed, raffle, mystery auction, kid’s games, and a horseshoe contest. Don Coates won at horseshoes again […]

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1953 – 2002 Alan Dean Creech

Alan Dean Creech – July 2nd, 1953 – June 21, 2002 Alan served on the Tribal council for many years. He was a driving force for our Tribal Council, and in our community. His life touched us all, and he will be missed. Services were held Thursday, June 27th 2002 at the Nampa Idaho Center. […]

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Newsletter June 2002

This year the Powwow will be at the home of Ruth Wilson in Sand Hollow, Idaho. Plan to attend and get reacquainted with your relatives and heritage. There are many activities planned; pig roast potluck, pancake feed, raffle, mystery auction, kids games and an open events gallery that will include the following expos:

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Minutes October 2001

DELAWARES OF IDAHO MEETING MINUTES: OCTOBER 20, 2001 PRESENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Charles Creech Clyde Creech Jr. Forest Hynek Marlene Menges Zachary Creech Rosie De Boer SECRETARY REPORT: Minutes of July 21, 2001 were read. Forest Hynek motioned to accept them as read. Zachary Creech seconded the motion. All were in favor. FINANCIAL REPORT: A verbal […]

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Newsletter June 2001

The DOI Annual Meeting will be held on July 21, 2001 at 1:00 pm. the meeting will be held at Lions park in Nampa, Idaho.(Note: At the covered group area behind Lincoln Pool, located on Davis Street west of Canyon Street.) Directions to Lions Park: Go to Nampa Fred Meyer on Caldwell Blvd., Turn on Canyon, go to Davis Street, then west to Swimming Pool.

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Newsletter February 2001

Council Members Term ending 2003: LaDean Denning Marlene Menges Robert Creech Dale Wayne Creech Term ending 2002: Don Coates Ruth Jordan Susan DeBoer Forest Hynek Term ending 2001: Paula Ensunsa Marie Creech Clyde Creech Sr. Alan Creech Charles Creech Sr. Officers Resign Verbal resignations have been received from Chuck Creech, LaDean Denning and Alan Creech […]

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Newsletter June 2000

Annual Tribal Reunion Our Annual Tribal Reunion is only a few weeks away. July 14th, 15th, & 16th are the days to mark on your calendar and the place to is Farewell Bend State Park in Oregon. This is the last newsletter before the Annual Tribal Reunion. Included with this newsletter is your election ballot. […]

Newsletter March 1999

Annual Tribal Reunion This year’s Annual Tribal Reunion will be at Farwell Bend campgrounds on July 16th, 17th, and 18th. Farwell Bend is located between Ontario Oregon and Backer City Oregon off of Interstate I84. If you would like to attend and need RV space, please contact us immediately or you can make your own […]

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Minutes January 1986

Meeting came to order at 10:20 a.m. Roll Call: Linda Dewey (a) Loretta Hynek (a) Arthur Creech (a) A. A. Creech (p) Robert Creech (p) Alan Creech (p) Charles Creech Sr. (p) Susan Kingston (p) Joan Creech (p) Charlotte Simmons (p) Clyde Creech Sr. (p) Suzanna Evans (p) Minutes: Minutes were read by Susan Kingston; […]

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Newsletter January 1986

January 9, 1986 Council assembled at the home of Alan Creech in Nampa, Idaho on Sunday Jan. 19, 1986. Chairman A. A. Creech would like those who have signed their assignment papers to know that “their” claim has been filed. Now we are waiting for a reply from the court. We were sorry to hear […]

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1922 – 1981 Lawrence Edward Creech

Graveside services for Lawrence Edward Creech, 58, of Ogden Utah, formerly of Boise, who died of natural causes Tuesday in a Salt Lake City hospital, will be conducted at 3 p.m. Saturday in Syringa Gardens, Boise, by Congregational Church, under the direction of Summers Funeral Home, Boise. He was born September 22, 1922, in Basin, […]

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Newsletter September 1980

Chairman A. A. Creech opened the meeting at the home of Jean Adams. Roll Call Clyde W. Creech Sr. – present Charles Creech Sr. – present Vera Cox – present Charlotte Simmons – present Joan Lippert – present Linda Sereduk – present Charles Creech Jr. – absent Alan Creech – absent Jean Adams – present […]

Newsletter May 1980

Chairman A. A. Creech opened the meeting at 11 am at the home of Jean Adams. Roll Call Clyde W Creech Sr. – present Vera Cox – excused illness Charlotte Simmons – present Joan Lippert – absent Don Coates – present Danny Barnett – present Jean Adams – present Alan Creech – absent Charles Creech […]

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Newsletter April 1980

The Council Meeting was called to order at 10.30 am at the home of Chairman A. A. Creech. Roll Call – Charlotte Simmons – present Allen Creech – Present Vera Cox – present Charles Creech – present Joan Lippert- present Clyde Creech Sr. – present Jean Adams – present Don Coates – present Danny Barnett […]

Newsletter January 1980

The council meeting was called to order at 11 A.M. at the, home of Charles Creech Sr., in Nampa Idaho. Roll call Chairman A.A. Creech – absent due to illness Charlotte Simmons – present Alan Creech – present Vera Cox – absent due to illness Charles Creech – present Joan G. Lippert – present Clyde […]

Special Meeting November 5, 1979

Chairman A. A. Creech called the meeting to order and the roll was as follows. Charlotte J. Simmons – present Clyde W. Creech – present Grace Creech – present Jean Adams – present Jerry Coates – absent Alan Creech — excused absence Joan Lippert – present Vera Cox – present Charles Creech – present Chairman […]

Newsletter October 1979

Chairman A.A. Creech called the meeting of the Idaho Delaware Council to order at 10:45 am. Roll Call Grace Kanakaris (Creech) – absent excused Jean Adams – absent excused Alan Creech – present Clyde W. Creech Sr. – present Joan Lippert – present Charlotte June Simmons – present Charles Creech – present Jerry Coates – […]