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Special Notice Newsletter July 2008

Your Federal Acknowledgment Team Is Delighted to Present this Special Notice: Left to right: Rosie De Boer, Tribal Secretary, T. Wayne Harris, Vice Chairman, Deb Borjas, Membership Director and our Chairman, Lanay B Creech I. This is a special update as to: Federal Recognition Status; Notice of Judgment and Order dated June 26, 2008 of […]

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Newsletter December 2006

Message from Chairman Lanay B. Creech I The federal recognition process is moving forward at a faster rate this year. Our attorneys in Oklahoma are in process of compiling documents for submission to the BIA and/or others to accomplish federal recognition. They also told me to tell the members to get their files in order […]

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Minutes June 2006

COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES DELAWARE’S OF IDAHO, INC. JUNE 9TH, 10TH 2006 1. Call Meeting to order: Lanay B. Creech at 10:20 a.m. 2. Opening Prayer: Given by Graywolf 3. Appoint Secretary for Meeting: Rosmarie De Boer 4. Roll Call: taken by Lanay B. Creech; Clyde W. Creech Jr.-excused absence 5. Declare Quorum: Was approved 6. […]

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Minutes November 2002

November 16, 2002 Delawares of Idaho Tribal Council Meeting Minutes In Attendance Clyde Creech Sr. Clyde Creech Jr. Ivan Kingston Kathryn Alseth Beverly Jenkins Marlene Menges Don Coates Forest Hynek Susan DeBoer Pete Kingston Dorothy Creech Kathy Coates Ron Coates The Meeting was called to order at 10:30 am Minutes from the last meeting were […]

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Newsletter July 2002

2002 Annual Pow-wow July 19th, 20th and 21st This year the Powwow was at the home of Ruth Wilson in Sand Hollow, Idaho. All had a good time. There were many activities planned; a pig roast, pot luck, pancake feed, raffle, mystery auction, kid’s games, and a horseshoe contest. Don Coates won at horseshoes again […]

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Newsletter June 2002

This year the Powwow will be at the home of Ruth Wilson in Sand Hollow, Idaho. Plan to attend and get reacquainted with your relatives and heritage. There are many activities planned; pig roast potluck, pancake feed, raffle, mystery auction, kids games and an open events gallery that will include the following expos:

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Newsletter September 1980

Chairman A. A. Creech opened the meeting at the home of Jean Adams. Roll Call Clyde W. Creech Sr. – present Charles Creech Sr. – present Vera Cox – present Charlotte Simmons – present Joan Lippert – present Linda Sereduk – present Charles Creech Jr. – absent Alan Creech – absent Jean Adams – present […]

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Newsletter July 1980

1980 Annual Meeting Ponderosa State Park The Annual Meeting look place at McCall, Idaho at the Ponderosa State Park. There were approximately 140 Clan Members who met to discuss the past years events and to take part in the Annual Meeting. Chairman Henry A. Secondine, his wife Belva and their granddaughter Stephanie, were the honored […]

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Delaware Indians to Convene at Ponderosa

On Thursday, July 17, 1980 in The Star News, from McCall, Idaho, on page A8, an article titled “Delaware Indians to Convene at Ponderosa” discusses the DOI Annual business meeting and our special guests, Henry A. Secondine, chairman of the Delaware business committee,  and X Attorney Anthony Parks Esq., former Idaho State Attorney General. It […]

Newsletter May 1980

Chairman A. A. Creech opened the meeting at 11 am at the home of Jean Adams. Roll Call Clyde W Creech Sr. – present Vera Cox – excused illness Charlotte Simmons – present Joan Lippert – absent Don Coates – present Danny Barnett – present Jean Adams – present Alan Creech – absent Charles Creech […]

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Newsletter April 1980

The Council Meeting was called to order at 10.30 am at the home of Chairman A. A. Creech. Roll Call – Charlotte Simmons – present Allen Creech – Present Vera Cox – present Charles Creech – present Joan Lippert- present Clyde Creech Sr. – present Jean Adams – present Don Coates – present Danny Barnett […]

Special Notice October 22, 1979

Special Report Chairman A.A. Creech is issuing this last minute report for the good of the clan. Attorney Tony Park has received word from the senate in Washington D. C. Our bill s-1466 is to be heard on November 14, 1979. They have requested that the Delawares of Idaho Inc. send a delegation to testify […]

Newsletter July 1979

July 21, 1979 Annual Business Meeting Ponderosa Park, McCall, Idaho The annual meeting was called to order by Chairman A. A. Creech at 1:45 pm. Chairman A. A. Creech gave an opening statement. Chairman A. A. Creech introduced Treasure Clyde W. Creech Sr. The financial report was given as follows. Total income for the 1978 […]

Newsletter April 1979

10:30am Chairman A. A. Creech opened the meeting at the home of Clyde W. Creech Sr. Roll Call— Clyde W. Creech – present Jerry Coates – present Joan Lippert – present Don Coates – absent Jean Adams – present Thomas Creech – absent Charles Creech – absent Charlotte Simmons – present Grace Kanakaris (Creech) – […]

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Newsletter March 1979

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 am on March 18, 1979 at the home of Alan Creech in Nampa, Idaho. Vice Chairman Clyde W Creech called the roll and found it to be as follows – Charles Creech – present Don Coates absent – excused Jerry Coates – absent Doris Jean Adams – […]

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Newsletter April 1978

April 16, 1978 Chairman A. A. Creech called the meeting to order at 11 am. Roll call of council: Alan D Creech – present Elsie Acevedo – present Don Coates – present Jean Adams – present Charles Creech – present Charlotte J. Simmons – present Thomas Creech – absent Clyde W. Creech Sr. – absent […]