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Newsletter November 2009

This year’s annual meeting as held on June 13, 2009. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Lanay B. Creech I at 11:45 A.M. An opening Prayer was offered by Clyde W. Creech Jr. Rosmarie De Boer was appointed Secretary for the Meeting. Attendance was taken; Alan Coates, Deborah Gravett and Pete Kingston were absent. Present at the meeting were Lanay B Creech, T. Wayne Harris, Deb Borjas, Rosmarie De Boer, Ivan Kingston, Randy Coates, Charlotte Simmons, David Creech, Forest Hynek, Clyde Creech Jr., Tammy Bird and Ken Sereduk. A quorum was declared.

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Can somone identify Thomas Glen Creech’s daughters?

Deborah Gravett sent in this photo of three of her Uncle Thomas Glen Creech’s daughters and his grandsons. She doesn’t know which daughter is which. She thinks he had five daughters and one son, Amy, Pamela, Lorrie, Nina, Deborah and Glenn. Can someone identify Thomas Creech’s daughters, and which one each one is in the picture above? Click on the picture to get the full size image, and then please use the comments below!

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1936 – 2009 Emil Ray Snider Sr.

Emil Ray Snider Sr. passed away at his home in Boise, Idaho on April 1, 2009, at the age of 72, after a long battle with cancer. Emil was born on July 7 1936 to Ruth Creech and Walt Scheinder of Emmett, Idaho. Emil, or to those that knew him well, Ray, lived in Boise […]

Delaware Judgement Fund Update!

We sent out a letter to each person on this list using the address that we have on file. If you did not get a letter or got the letter but there was a discrepancy in your information, please contact the DOI office and give us your updated information. If you are not on the list and should be, call the office as well.

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1974 – 2008 Katy Joe Harsch

Miss Katy Joe Harsch, 33, of Meridian, Idaho passed away into Heaven on Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008, as she was summoned by her Heavenly Father, after a sudden hemorrhage to the brain. Services were held at 12 noon on Monday, August 11 at the Chapel of Chimes in Meridian. Her uncle, Bishop Dan Dewey, officiated. […]

Pictures from the June 6th, 2008 Council Meeting

Lanay B Creech I, Rosmarie Susan De Boer, Forest Hyneck Lanay B Creech I, Rosmarie Susan De Boer, Forest Hyneck, Randy Coates, LaShondra Joel Coates Lanay B Creech I, Rex Borjas, Forest Hyneck, Randy Coates, LaShondra Joel Coates (at the far table) T Wayne Harris, Deb Borjas, Lanay B Creech I, Rosmarie Susan De Boer, […]

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Pictures from the September 7, 2007 Council Meeting

Pictures from the last Council Meeting! Click on images to enlarge. Frances Scarmuzzi thanking everyone for her adoption into The Delawares of Idaho. Lanay Creech in the Orange, T Wayne Harris in the middle and Deb Borjas on the end. T Wayne Harris listening to Lanay and Deb Borjas taking minutes. Rosmarie Susan De Boer […]

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1965 – 2007 Jeff Edward Dewey III

Jeff Edward Dewey III, 41, of Meridian, Idaho passed away on April 28, 2007 in a traffic accident. He was born on Dec 2, 1965 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Bill Edward Dewey and Marjorie Anne Oyler. He attended Rogers High School in Puyallup, Washington and later attended Real Estate School. Jeff was an […]

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Minutes April 2002

DELAWARES OF IDAHO MEETING April 20th, 2002 PRESENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Clyde W. Creech Sr. Don Coates Clyde W. Creech Jr. Ruth Wilson Rosie De Boer Zachary Creech Council Members with excused absences: Ivan Kingston Kathy Alseth Marlene Menges Forest Hynek OTHERS PRESENT: Lisa Creech Beverly Jenkins Josiah Wilson Scott Menges Kathy Coates Pete Kingston SECRETARY […]

Playing Cowboys and Indians

Playing Cowboys and Indians Sometime around kindergarten, I think 1968; I recall a conversation with Grandpa (Arthur Creech). We gathered at Grandma and Grandpa Creech’s often. All us kids would play together with our cousins. We played a game called Cowboys and Indians. Maybe all kids played Cowboys and Indians back then. I don’t know, […]

Birding Islands

The Name In the 1940s, when our tribe lived there, we called it Birdies Island. That was the name of the location that the tribe referred to as home. I was always curious to visit Birdies Island because the elders sounded so attached when they spoke of this special place and the time they spent […]