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Newsletter November 2009

This year’s annual meeting as held on June 13, 2009. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Lanay B. Creech I at 11:45 A.M. An opening Prayer was offered by Clyde W. Creech Jr. Rosmarie De Boer was appointed Secretary for the Meeting. Attendance was taken; Alan Coates, Deborah Gravett and Pete Kingston were absent. Present at the meeting were Lanay B Creech, T. Wayne Harris, Deb Borjas, Rosmarie De Boer, Ivan Kingston, Randy Coates, Charlotte Simmons, David Creech, Forest Hynek, Clyde Creech Jr., Tammy Bird and Ken Sereduk. A quorum was declared.

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Newsletter April 2009

The Federal recognition team reviewing the B. I. A. regulations. From L to R: Cris and Gwen Klinger, Deb Borjas, T. Wayne Harris, and Chairman Lanay Bruce Creech I CRITICAL INFORMATION NEEDED Attention Delaware of Idaho Tribal Members: 2009 is a critical year in our quest for Federal Recognition for the Delawares of Idaho. Last […]

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Special Notice Newsletter July 2008

Your Federal Acknowledgment Team Is Delighted to Present this Special Notice: Left to right: Rosie De Boer, Tribal Secretary, T. Wayne Harris, Vice Chairman, Deb Borjas, Membership Director and our Chairman, Lanay B Creech I. This is a special update as to: Federal Recognition Status; Notice of Judgment and Order dated June 26, 2008 of […]

Pictures from the June 6th, 2008 Council Meeting

Lanay B Creech I, Rosmarie Susan De Boer, Forest Hyneck Lanay B Creech I, Rosmarie Susan De Boer, Forest Hyneck, Randy Coates, LaShondra Joel Coates Lanay B Creech I, Rex Borjas, Forest Hyneck, Randy Coates, LaShondra Joel Coates (at the far table) T Wayne Harris, Deb Borjas, Lanay B Creech I, Rosmarie Susan De Boer, […]

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Newsletter December 2007

Take a look at the list in this newsletter. If you name or someone you know is on the list, their file is incomplete, and are NOT BIA ready. Something is missing from your file. Contact the office and get it in. TO AVOID HAVING TO DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THE BIA, CHECK THE LIST FOR YOUR NAME AND SEND IN THE REQUIRED INFORMATION TO THE TRIBAL OFFICE.

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Pictures from the September 7, 2007 Council Meeting

Pictures from the last Council Meeting! Click on images to enlarge. Frances Scarmuzzi thanking everyone for her adoption into The Delawares of Idaho. Lanay Creech in the Orange, T Wayne Harris in the middle and Deb Borjas on the end. T Wayne Harris listening to Lanay and Deb Borjas taking minutes. Rosmarie Susan De Boer […]