Exhibit V

February 20, 1911


In re Mrs. Violet
Thad S. Smith, Esq.,
Attorney at Law,
Billings Montana.

Your letter of February 8, 1911, regarding Mrs. Violet Smith, has been received.

It appears from you presentation of her case that Mrs. Smith is a citizen of the United States, and while she may be of Indian blood that fact would not prevent her dealing with Mr. E. H. Cullion or any other attorney in connection with matters over which she has control.

You do not say wether she has received an allotment of land or an Indian homestead from the Government. If not, her right of action would appear to be a personal one against Mr. Cullion. If Mrs. Smith received an allotment, and you will give the Office a description of the land by legal sub-divisions, section, township and range, and if the land is situated near a representative of the Indian Office, it will undertake to make an investigation of the matter.

Can you furnish a copy of the agreement which Mrs. Smith is alleged to have made with Mr. Cullison? If so please send it to the Office.


(signed) F. H. Abbot,
Assistant Commissioner

Filed by T.L