A Lenape Translation of The Lord’s Prayer

Translated by Charlotte J. Simmons & Joan Creech

My Dear Father, dwelling there beyond the clouds.

Nuxati, talli apian awasagomi.

Blessed be thy name.

Machelendasutcha kteliwunsogan.

Thy kingdom come.

Ksakimowagan peyletsche.

Thy will be done upon Mother Earth,

Ktalitehewagon 1eketsch achquid ANA WONTAWKA,

The same as it is there dwelling in the clouds.

Elqicui leek talli apion awasaqomi.

Give to all of us our usual bread.

Melinine gunaguchuck achpoan.

Forgive all of us the same as we forgive them.

Miwelendamauwinine elqiqui nilun mewilendamawink.

Keep us all free from all evil.

Kitennineennine medhicking.

My Dear Father’s Land is the Kingdom.

Nuxati lani ksakimowagon.

And God is the big power,

Woak wonkentonka Kitalliwonsoqan,

And the glory,

Woak ktalliwelesowagane,

From beyond the clouds.

Ne apion awasagomi.

So shall it be.

Nanne letketsch.